Playlist: Spooky Halloween Kpop Songs

If you thought Kpop is all jolly tunes, lovey-dovey music videos and fluffy pastel idols the Halloween season will prove you very wrong! There is quite an amount of dark tracks, mysterious visuals and gory settings out there. Hidden in the deep shadows of Kpop, you’ll find eerie characters like witches, zombies, werewolves, voodoo masters, … Mehr Playlist: Spooky Halloween Kpop Songs

Happy Birthday to BTS‘ V

He wanted to become a farmer, but he became no.1 most handsome face in the world🌏🤧💜#WePurpleUTaehyung#VeautifulDay #HappyTaehyungDay#HAPPYVDAY #BTS #V #뷔 #김태형 cr. Aphetamine,VSR,DearSunny,Divine Treasure,Loveandtrue,Mocha Veans,Because of V — YoongiVerse🌌[Eri] (@KoreaResearcher) December 30, 2017

Day 24: „It’s Christmas Day“ by Roy Kim

Zum deutschen Text We’ve made it through another Christmas Calendar! Today it’s Christmas Day in Germany, didn’t time pass fast? This is our last Christmas song for this year, and who would fit better than the talented Roy Kim? The productive singer-song-writer has come around on many occasions on this blog already, and his sweet … Mehr Day 24: „It’s Christmas Day“ by Roy Kim