Weird Korean Beauty Products – Part 1

Beauty and good-looks are important to Korean* which can be observed in various situations. May it be the countless Koreans (girls and guys) admiring themselves in their pocket mirror, correcting their hairstyle in a window screen, checking their make-up on their mobile phones or tidying their clothes in front of the full-body-mirror in the metro – you will always see them fiddling around their looks. But this is just the obvious possibility to watch Korean dolling themselves up. The secret for Koreans’ beauty lies behind the big cosmetic stores. Countless beauty products promote eternal beauty for him and for her. Especially the younger generation feels the pressure of being pretty. The Korean pop and beauty industry promotes perfection and displays the Korean ideal through a squillion of advertisements. It is therefore not surprising that Korea is considered as the kingdom of plastic surgery.

This topic is so complex that it cannot be dealt with in a single post. So I decided to break it down today to some of the weirdest beauty gadgets I have ever seen – things I could just not imagine of. Apparently, these products are not that surprising to Asians – as my friend from Hong-Kong and Singapore explained them to me patiently while giving me slight doubtful glances 😉 Is there something for you?

  1. The Nose-Up-Gadget
    Does it sound as scary to you as it does to me? Koreans usually tend to have (or believe to have) a “flat” nose, which means their nose bridge and nose tip isn’t as high as the European nose. Why you would want to have our big European nose, I don’t understand, but it is a beauty ideal in Korea (and in other East Asian countries). So if you do not have enough money to pay a nose job, why don’t you try this gadget below. It only costs 3 000 Won (~ 2€) and comes in handy – as you can wear is all the time (except when your friends are about).
  2. Whitening Eye Patch
    Another well-known beauty ideal of Korea is having a white skin. Koreans spend a lot of money and effort on maintaining a white complexion. Just as in the medieval times in Europe, having white skin, was considered with wealth as one did not have to work outside on the fields, and get a tanned skin, but could afford to stay at home. Only about 30 years ago South Korea was among the so-called third world countries and miles away from the modernity and high-technology one can experience at the moment. So this beauty standard may still have some direct connection to this era as most families experienced the hardship of that time. If the young Koreans feel this emotional connection to this beauty ideal is doubtful, yet, as most beauty ideals they are performed and not questioned. Apart from whitening cream, BB and CC cream, whitening make-up and whitening masks, one can also use these whitening eye patches to get a fair complexion.

    In need for a patch of whitening? Just stick on these.

  3. Cheek-Up-Roller
    Koreans seem self-conscious about their “round” face. One of the most common plastic surgeries is the jaw-line surgery to creat a V-shape form. Yes, they break your jaw bone to make your jaw-line slimmer and V-shaped-like – outch!!!

    The perfect V-shaped jaw line creates a small face

    Again, to save money, instead of getting a surgery Korea offers you this little roller. If you roll your jaw line regularly it will “make your face slimmer and V-shaped” – of course…

    2014-03-22 21.28.54

    Or maybe this mask-thing is more up your alley


    You have other body parts with “too much flesh”? These might help…or the might not.

    2014-03-22 21.27.47

  4. The Smile-Mouth-Piece
    Not satisfied with the way you smile – Korea has the solution! Just squeeze this thing between your lips and get a lovely smile, but more wrinkles.
  5. Save-My-Nails
    This might be actually really handy for us girls (unless there are some guys who like to have nail polish too, no offense!). After polishing your nails with so much care, you don’t want to damage them just because you have to do stupid things like bind your shoe lace or open a cookie bag.
    2014-03-22 21.29.06
  6. Perfect-Eye-Brow-Bro
    Fed up withtweezing your eye brows the wrong way? Get the perfect shape in Korea! 😉
    2014-03-22 21.34.27     2014-03-22 21.34.36

*Disclaimer: Information are based on individual observation and do not necessarily relate to every Korean. It is a tendency in Korean society which I could experience and is humoristicaly portrayed here.

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