The Ice Cream Bouquet

It is getting warm in Seoul and during the day it constantly has 30-33°C and about 25°C at night. This wouldn’t be that bad if the humidity wasn’t that high, too. Still, it is not as worse as it can be for example in Thailand or Singapore. Yet, I am always happy for getting a possibility to cool down a little and still be out and about exploring.

So my friend decided to go to a special ice cream shop called Gemello near 정자역 (Jeong-Ja-Station). Now, ice cream parlors are not that unusual to Germans as we have them everywhere and it is unimaginable to spend a summer whithout sitting in one and enjoying ice cream. However, in big meteroplitan (Asian?) cities like Seoul, Bangkok, Hong-Kong or Tokyo it is more difficult to find these kind of shops.

This ice cream shop is a little special though as the shape of the ice cream is like a flower. Many guest were queing to get an ice cream, but the staff was of course very 빨리 (bballi = fast) so we didn’t have to wait long.
You can choose a cup or cone (two different flavors) and then select your flavor. Price is 4 800₩ for 2 different flavors. 3 is possible too or you can also order an ice cream box with many flavors to take it home. You will get the reciet with a number and wait until your number or flavor is called.

If you decide to get your ice cream in a cup though, you will miss the flower shaped highlight. Furthermore, there is not enough space to sit and eat, it is rather a to-go ice cream. As there are many costumers and the staff has to work fast, they do make mistakes (wrong flavor, wrong cone flavor). They make up their mistakes by giving you a “service” – which means in Korea they will treat you an ice cream for free.


On your next stay in Seoul, why not drop by and take your own flowery pic?

Directions: Take the dark red line 신분당선 in the south Seoul. It is not a regular line, but a high-speed metro.
Get off at 정자역, exit 5. Walk back to the crossing and turn left. Walk down the street, pass two further crossings and then it’s the second building on your left.

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