Restaurant for Singles

This video is up and down on video sites these days and quite a laugh. The principle of this restaurant is simple: be single and get a meal for free. While eating you get the chance to have someone accompanying you – having a meal is seen as a social activity in Korea – however, surprise, the person joining in is actually a total stranger sitting right behind the blend in front of you.

Koreans are used to date and getting set up on a date by friends or family (so-called: 소개팅 so-gae-ting – Korean blind date). It is very common and not perceived as arranged – for which another word and concept exists – or forced. Yet, Koreans are not famous for casually approaching strangers or starting a conversation out of the blue. If you suddenly talk to a Korean on the street he or she will probably flinch, be surprised, shy or even back away. My Korean friends in Germany always tell me how hard it is for them to get to know Germans as the style of to get to know each other is so different to them. That is why this video is especially funny if you are a little familiar with the Korean mentality. Seeing these Koreans suddenly forced to step out of their (socially acceptable) comfort zone is a joy to watch and quite witty from the restaurants owner. Let’s see how many couples are actually successful matched. I’m still working on finding out where this place is and on my next trip I’ll just have to drop by.


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