Off they go – Super Junior and TVXQ enlist to army

Though we cried a little at first when our members left for the army, we’ve gotten used to it by now. Now we just think ‘I guess he’s leaving too.’ Of course we will miss them. (Super Junior’s Eunhyuk at Press Conference March 6, 2015)

D-day is there, there is no way back. The core of Super Junior is off to serve their military duty. The almost 2-year service is mandatory for all Korean males and there is not exception for idols. I always wondered how Super Junior is going to manage this major blow as enlistment usually means the end to any male idol band.

Instead of leaving as a group (like Shinhwa or TVXQ) Super Junior decided to slowly release one member after another. Being an 11-member-band this means it will take a looong time until they all gather on stage again. Roughly calculating the eldest members would be around 40 when the youngest returns from service – such a sad idea.

But now the beloved 1986-triangle of Super Junior has decided to enlist together – of course as social and truly best friends – which is a note of joy and sadness to fans. Not even military could ever separate EunSiHae (Eunhyuk, Siwon and Donghae)! In the end them leaving this year is no surprise as EunHae have been very active the past year. Just like TVXQ – who released a new album and held concerts before enlistment – Super Junior plan to release another album with the current line-up.

Actually, I like the idea of TVXQ, JYJ (former members of TVXQ) and Super Junior who have cultivated a deep friendship since their teens being off to the army together. And honestly, as they belong to the top K-pop bands there is no real threat to their success. But I guess fan girls will be swooning in the streets of Seoul as handsome Donghae, Siwon, Changmin and Sungmin (who is already serving) are all serving as police officers.

Enlistment Dates:
Siwon (SJ) – November 19, 2015: police officer
Donghae (SJ) – October 15, 2015: police officer
Eunhyuk (SJ) – October 15, 2015: active duty
Changmin (TVXQ) – November 19, 2015: police officer


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