“Veteran” in Top 10 of Korean Movies

I have to admit I have not been into Korean movies yet which is really a shame. I enjoy watching TV shows, but I just can’t get into K-dramas because I have difficulties adapting to the plot, narrative style and dramatic composition – and in all I am just not into romance on screen. So I guess I should maybe try watching Korean movies which are also largely successful internationally.

Old Boy is maybe the most famous and respected movie made in Korea, but it seems that a new movie is making its mark. Veteran is just in theaters for roughly a month and already sold a total of 11.45 million tickets.

I like detective stories and the plot progress reminds me of Death Note and Catch Me If You Can. In particular the theme of the invincible chaebol (Korean conglomarates) triggers my interest as it is a critical topic of Korean economy. Chaebols and their off-springs hold very strong positions and power in business and dominate the economy sector.

Have you seen Veteran yet? Which Korean movie is your favorite or which would you recommend watching? Read more about “Veteran” is New Movie Hit in Korea.


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