The Dog-Poo-Report-App

Once again I am convinced that Japan comes up with the craziest, yet hilarious ideas on this planet. Of course Japan as well as Korea leave Germany far behind when it comes to technological gadgets and software and I doubt Germany will ever reach the East Asian level on that behalf.

After reading this article on Japanese city launches app to report dog poo I could not help but congratulate the inventive mind of the Japanese people. Just recently I was hanging out with my boyfriend and we saw a dog owner letting his dog poo in the city centre.

Not a big deal as the owner had dog poo bags knotted to his leash, but we were wrong – as we turned to check again we saw the owner and his dog jogging off sight – and the poo still decorating the little green spot. I just wanted to get hold on that nasty owner and make him remove the stinky mess. Typical German reaction, right? Yet, so atypical German that we don’t have quick ways to report such incidents.

So I liked the idea of the Japanese authorities, however, I don’t think this app has the effect I would want it to have nor would it work in a German context. First of all, no one would ever demean himself on being part of a dog-poo-removal-force. Come on, would you? Therefore a major part of the dog-poo-reporting-app is in vain to German authorities.

And how helpful is it to know where dog poo is mainly located? I’d rather want the owner to be taught a lesson than me checking if there is any dog poo nearby. I’m sceptic – but hey, I’m not living in Japan so maybe this app comes in handy there. What’s your opinion on the subject?


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