Tribute to Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement

Last Monday was the first anniversary of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. I guess some have heard about it in Germany – even though it was not a hot issue on the news. However, I remember my friends from Hong Kong being very passionate about it. A year ago the people in Hong Kong protested for free elections in the Chinese autonomous territory, after the government of mainland China decided to select the candidates for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong (“president” of Hong Kong) by a 1200-member Chinese committee in advance to elections hold by the Hong Kong people. This decision was not only seen as restrictive but also as an intentional interference and intent by the Chinese government to control Hong Kong’s elections.

The protests were led mainly by students, but soon it widened to an overall grass-root movement. The term Umbrella Movement was coined when the peaceful protestors had to defend themselves with umbrellas against tear gas as the demonstration was tried to be broke up forcefully.

As part of the protests a vivid art culture developed which underlined that the protestors stood their grounds. With the ending of the Umbrella Movement in December 2014 also many art pieces were destroyed. However, some were saved and now they are presented to the public again for the anniversary. In this clip you can get an insight to the creativity of the Hong Kong people: BBC Hong Kong’s protest art goes on display.

If you want to get some quick information about the art itself, click here for the Wikipedia article Art of the Umbrella Movement.


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