Day 5, The Winter’s Tale by BtoB

How could life be, living in a snow globe? Well, I guess it’s a happy and cheesy life concluding BtoB‘s Christmas track The Winter’s Tale. This song is really everything you can image a Christmas pop song being like: innocent, bright, simple and commercial. However, you have to keep in mind that BtoB is still a very recent and young boy group, whose audience or target group is a teenage audience. I honestly have troubles

trying to take younger boy bands and there heartfelt lyrics seriously. I mean their experience in love-relation-stuff is still very little, so how deep can their message be if a member is still in his teens? Of course for a teenager the loss of a love or girlfriend (which is what the song deals with) is a very dramatic moment… But would you then dance joyfully through the snow? Yet, I do think song, video, costumes, colours and setting fit well as they add up to the youthful spirit – however, ignoring the video makes the song less cheesy.

I don’t really get the necessity of the animal costumes. Are BtoB pretending they are the little girl’s toys which she used to love? And where is the connection to the lyrics? I guess performing in this cute manner is also not easy for the boys (manly Minhyuk being cute – LMAO). Acting happy, naive, fresh and cute – especially if you’re not that type of person – can be rather exhausting. But this is something every K-pop (boy) group has to endure and live with in their early days. To me The Winter’s Tale is a track you listen to if you wake up on a sunny winter’s day with coffee and a french breakfast next to your bed. How often does that happen? It also makes me want to have a wintery Christmas with nothing to worry about.

I do enjoy BtoB‘s rap parts just because it makes the song more “mature” and I’m intrigued by the nice-looking bright coats BtoB wear which I want to hang into my closet. In all I’d say it’s a light-hearted pop song for a stroll through a lovely winter scenery in thick clothes on a Saturday morning.

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