Day 15, Dear Santa by Girls’ Generation-TTS

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Dear Santa stands for all the K-pop Christmas tracks which didn’t make it into my Christmas Calendar this year. So if you have a special wish – for maybe next year – you can write it below the post. There are some really well made music videos (such as EXO‘s Sing For You) or audio tracks (such as B1A4‘s It’s Christmas) which were released this winter, and there are still more to come (such as April‘s Snowman or Baekhyun feat. IU) to which you can look forward to. Sadly, there is just never enough space for all of them.

For today I chose a song I actually don’t fancy at all, but it’s not (only) up to my personal taste here. I try not to be too harsh as I don’t want to upset any Girls’ Generation fans too much, but I hope you can respect my personal opinion. Girls’ Generation – as one of the most outstanding and worldwide known K-pop girl groups – decided to form a sub-group for their vocals in 2012. It contains three members whose initials form the group’s name TTS (how creative… and I better don’t start on all this sub-group stuff) and are doing pretty well. Dear Santa was just released this December and will surely find its way into many K-pop Christmas playlists.

What I like the most about the video is the well conceptualized setting, great camera directory, beautiful outfits and overall neat production. SM Entertainment just knows how to technically make a great MV. Apart from that I’m a bit disappointed and bored. I’m not questioning TTS‘s quality in singing as they do have strong, clear vocals – especially Taeyon – but there is just so much which distracts me, I just can’t help it. The song itself isn’t catchy or memorable to me. The opening and main part just won’t fit together – like in Girls’ Generation‘s I got a Boy – which is what actually turned me off. It’s so forced angelic and the girls look stiff. I can’t judge Seohyun’s skill in playing the piano, but her hand movements aren’t very visual appealing. Speaking of that, I was shocked to see the more and more scary skinny figures of TTS who are already very slim. And what shall I say about Taeyon’s changing face? It just stood out to me at once, I couldn’t focus on anything else.

Similar to EXO Sehun’s repetitive lyrics “E.X.O.” I’m tired of Tiffany’s English sentences which to me seldom fit the flow. And what’s up with SM Entertainment trying all this musical-ish elements in their videos, it’s getting all wrong. I’m also tired of the ongoing cute and girly concept of Girls’ Generation. Gosh, the ladys are grown up now, can’t they just switch into a more mature image? Ironically, the part I enjoy the most is the red themed Christmas setting in the middle of the song. Especially because I just find the girls’ hairstyle great and fun.

It’s because I expect more than an average Christmas track of Girls’ Generation and TTS, it just failed to meet my expectations as Dear Santa doesn’t stick out to me. I guess that’s why I’m more critical with Dear Santa than with other less overwhelming songs. However, Dear Santa is doing well on music shows and charts, so I guess I’m just not on team TTS. Sorry for that. What do you think? I like to be convinced, so give it a try 🙂

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