Day 23, Love In The Air by Jellyfish Artists

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Jellyfish Entertainment does not only have a fancy name, but also provides us with great Christmas songs and collaborations every year. Once again they picked their top artists and had them record a holiday song for this winter. In Love In The Air the vocals of VIXX, Seo In-Guk, former Jewelry member Park Jung-Ah and “K-Pop Star 4″ contestant Park Yoon-Ha (sadly Sung Si-Kyung is missing) perform a cozy Christmas ballad. Although the lyrics can be solemly read as the narrator hoping for finding his love on Christmas, I’d say he actually wishes for more love in the world on Christmas

(and for himself, too). He hopes that even though there is much struggle going on throughout the year, on Christmas there can be some peace found.

The music video does not support the lyrics, but tells a story on it’s own which still fits the overall mood and gives Love In The Air more dimension. None of the singers appear in the video (except for their fotos hanging on a…), instead Jellyfish actress Kim Kyu Sun starrs as a young woman getting ready for Christmas Eve. She starts off her day wish fulfiling her Christmas to-do-list: getting a pine tree (please don’t go into the woods and just chop yourself a tree like her, grow your own, buy one or ask for permission) and pulling it home, all the way up the stairs (come on that little tree can’t be that heavy). She then neatly decorates her Christmas tree, just like she used to when the was a little girl. There are lovely blends of her younger self decorating the lower part of the tree and her current self finishing off the top part. Then she makes (not bakes!) a cake which looks rather simple except for the cute little strawberry Santa (Do you eat cakes on Christmas Eve in your country? In Germany it’s all about Christmas cookies) and finishes her day by writing a Christmas card to Santa. She tries to stay awake for Santa, but of course falls a sleep, but isn’t that the magic of Christmas?

Jellyfish is really doing a great job here, in my opinion. I like the simple story, but with his hidden deeper meaning of Christmas being a time of recreating childhood traditions we stick to as adults. The video is neither bubbleing with joy nor drowning in melancholy, but a very down-to-earth and  effortless feeling which fits so well the Christmas mood. Yet, it has subtle fun elements like the added inserts or the little fish mascot of Jellyfish Entertainment which you can find here and there. And apparently not all Koreans have trouble being alone on Christmas, does it? 😉

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