Merry Christmas!

Thank you all for dropping by my blog and clicking into the K-pop Christmas Calendar 2015. I hope you got some new tracks for your very own unique Christmas playlist. I’d be happy to get some feedback on that note 🙂

If you missed out a day or just quickly want to review: find the whole list and including blog links below. I also made playlist on my YT channel if you just want to listen to all 24 tracks during the holidays. Merry Christmas to you all!

Day 1, Lonely Christmas by The VIBE Family

Day 2, This Christmas by JYP Nation

Day 3, White Love by Starship Planet

Day 4, Snow Kiss by TeenTOP

Day 5, The Winter’s Tale by BtoB

Day 6, Christmas Day by EXO

Day 7, Zzang Christmas by BESTie (feat. Yoo Seyoon)

Day 8, Christmas Song by Cube Artist

Day 9, Heaven’s Door by Eric Nam

Day 10, White Confession (Lately) by Infinite

Day 11, Love Love Love by After School

Day 12, Christmas Wishes by Mystic Holiday

Day 13, Confession Song by GOT7

Day 14, Pink Romance by Starship Planet

Day 15, Dear Santa by Girls’ Generation-TTS

Day 16, Goodbye to Romance by Sunny Hill

Day 17, You Can Cry by BtoB

Day 18, Lonely Christmas by Crayon Pop

Day 19, Before The Snow by Kanto (feat. As One)

Day 20, White by DSP Friends

Day 21, Miracles in December by EXO

Day 22, I Do I Do by Secret

Day 23, Love In The Air by Jellyfish Artists

Day 24, Santa, U Are The One by Super Junior (feat. Henry & Zhoumi)


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