Alohomora – New Harry Potter Themed Café in Korea

About 10 years ago you could hardly find a cup of coffee in Korea, yet a coffee shop. A weird picture if you look at Korea nowadays as every major city owns tons of coffee shops. About every 10th building in Seoul is a café and they are a crucial part of the student and dating culture. You can just hang out in a regular café drinking green tea chai latte or enjoying honeybread, but there are also some unique themed cafés, such as Cat Café, Dog, Café, Sheep Café, Racoon Café, Hello Kitty Café, Lego Café, Ring Making Café, Charlie Brown Café, Hanbok Café, Board Game Café and many more. Now another one has joined the league of special themed cafés in Korea: the Harry Potter Café.

Apparently this  little café called Hogsmeade is stuffed with Harry Potter decor and accessories and has quite a cozy, wizardy feeling to it. So grab your broom and drop by this magical café at Gyeongsan which is situated in the east of Korea, in the North Gyeongsang Province (the province in which Daegu lies).

I couldn’t find much more pictures or information on the internet (should this really be case in 2016?), but you can get a little impression on Allkpop: Harry Potter Themed Café in Korea. I call on those living or staying in Korea to get some floo powder and to scout this unique café. I’d be happy to see and know more about it. Post a picture of you sipping butterbeer or trying on cloaks here or send it via Twitter @eridescent28.


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