Playlist: Kpop for Valentine’s Day

As some may know, I’m really bad with liking love songs (which is weird as about 95% of all Kpop songs have no other topic), but there has to be some romantic tune on Valentine’s Day, right? So I decided to share these songs listed on Soompi by making a Valentine’s Day playlist on my TY channel. The order is based on Soompi‘s songs choice and not to my personal peference… but I swear number 10 will make you cry. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

  1. I Love You by Akdong Musician
  2. Ordinary Love by Block B‘s Park Kyung feat. Park Bo Ram
  3. A Good Boy by Baek A Yeon
  4. No Other by Super Junior
  5. The Space Between by Sistar‘s Soyu, Park Yong In, & Kwon Soon Il
  6. My Heart Is Beating by K.Will (feat. IU & MBLAQ’s Leejoon)
  7. Propose Song by 4Men
  8. Love Day by Beast‘s Yoseob & Apink‘s Eunji
  9. Photograph by Apink‘s Kim Namjoo & BtoB‘s Yook Sungjae
  10. My Love by Lee Seung Chul
  11. Dream by Miss A‘s Suzy & EXO‘s Baekhyun
  12. Heaven’s Door by Eric Nam
  13. All For You by Seo In Guk & Apink‘s Eunji
  14. Just One Day by BTS

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