Korea’s Top Models Rock The Fashion World

I just love the clash of tradition and modernity. Recently Vogue Korea published a pictorial collage of really stunning high-fashion pictorials which show a beautiful attempt of giving traditional Korean dressing a modern twist to make them fit for the run way. Besides swooning over these classy pictures and awesome clothes, you could actually check out the models, too. Vogue titles their article “New Korean Faces” and features five current active and successful Korean models. Maybe one day I will have the text translated to you as it is in Korean. Until then, enjoy the pictures (which you also find in the Facebook link below) while I give you a short introduction to the five models in the pictorial.


We start with model veteran Hye-Jin Han (한혜진) who is also known as Han Jin. With her unique and slim face and the high check bones she made her debut in 2006 and was the first Korean model to participate in New York runway show. She has graced various magazine covers such as French Revue de Mode, Vogue, Elle Korea or Harper’s Bazaar and walked the run way or worked editorial for multiple Korean and international clients. In this pictorial she is dressed in a white lace outfit and her face looks so fierce. By the way, she also had a guest appearance on Shinhwa Broadcast Ep. 30 and 31 in 2012 which is just so hilarious, I really recommend to watch it.


Our next up is quite an international somebody: Sora Choi (최소라). In contrast to other participants of this well-known format, Sora Choi is a successful winner of 2012’s Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. She has made it quite far and also knocked the socks off internationally known agency Wilhemina Models. She has worked for Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Alexander Wang and appeared in Vogue, Elle Korea, W Korea or Harper’s Bazaar. Take a look at her dressed as a traditional Korean scholar and in a sexy high-fashion version of a hanbok.

Dazed and Confused Korea Sept 2015, Jin Jung Sun-04

Jung-Sun Jin (진정선) was only 17 when she won Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 2. She is said to have a bubbly personality, unique charms and quite a tomboyish feel to her. Jung-Sun Jin is also popular on social media with 144k followers on instagram. Her works consists of fashion shows for Push Button, Jardin de Chouette, Kuho, Adidas, Chris Han, Swarovski, Vivienne Westwood and magazine covers and editorials such as W Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Color +, Levi’s, Nylon Korea, Marie Claire Korea or Dazed & Confused Korea. In this Vogue edition Jung-Sun Jin poses in an innocent ethno-princess piece.


Won-Kyung Kim (김원경) presents two bright red Korean traditional styled pieces which go so well with her slender S-line figure and the short hair. Won-Kyung Kim has also been around for some years now and marked her name in the Korean modeling industry. Over the years she has walked for Christian Dior, Chanel, Zero Maria Cornejo, Phillip Lim, D&G, Emilio Pucci and more. Besides appearing in Dazed & Confused Korea, Allure Korea, Harper’s Bazaar, W Korea, G&Q or The Singles Magazine Korea, Won-Kyung Kim was also featured in campains for Korean Air, Cass, SONY CyberShot, SK Telecom T, Levi’s, BUCKAROO and Benneton. Same as Hye-Jin Han, Won-Kyung Kim appeared on Shinhwa Broadcast Ep. 30 and 31 to turn Shinhwa members into models.


Yoon-Young Bae (배윤영), round-faced and with her young and innocent look rocks a sporty-chic twist on Korean festive clothes in Vogue. This girl is still new on the block, but already got herself into the Korean modeling spotlight. She has walked on this year’s and last year’s Seoul Fashion Week for Miss Gee, Push Botton, Andy & Debb or Flemadonna. Besides Glamour Germany she has also managed to be in every major Korean magazine such as Marie Claire Korea, Vogue and Vogue Girl Korea, Ceci Korea, The Singles Magazine Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea etc. several times. I guess we will definitely see more of her in the future.

Of course Korea has much more fierce and lovely male and female models to offer. I just chose these as they were featured in the Vogue article. Maybe we’ll take a look at some other another time. By the way, I really enjoy how different these model’s beauties are perceived. Although all of them have their unique stunningness, I think Yoon-Young Bae has a gorgeous round face and such pretty hooded eye-lids. My Korean room-mate, on the other hand, was a bit surprised by my taste as I guess she would find other features more appealing. But we both had a laugh as overall the Korean models are not the tallest ones on the cat walk. The five presented here are between 174-179 cm which is quite short for a model – internationally speaking.



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