Korea’s Green Bottled Heart: Soju

If you haven’t tried this green bottled Korean national drink, you have to! Soju (소주) is a kind of Korean vodka or brandy, clear and colorless and made of sweet potato (traditionally of rice and wheat). Its alcohol content varies from about 16% to 45% alcohol by volume and you can find different flavors such as classic, fresh, blueberry, lemon, grapefruit or pomegranate.

Different distiller and brands offer soju, but Chamisul (참이슬/cham-i-seul/) from distiller HiteJinro is Korea’s most beloved one. However, a bottle of Chum Churum (처음처럼 /cheo-eum-cheo-leom/) or JoeunDay (좋은데이 /jo-eun-de-i)/) never misses its point either. Soju has come quite far: from the traditional Andong Soju being a special gift on holidays and of high alcohol percentage to a cheap (around 1 000 to 3 000 Won which is ~0,70 to 2€) and more mild, yet necessary drink to enjoy meals with friends and built up relationships. In fact soju is the most drunk alcohol in the world – Soju is World Leader. Good to know: soju means “burned alcohol” or “burned alcoholic drink” which refers to its making.Print

Sadly 1) and 5) don’t apply to me, other than that I’d say: that’s me! 😀


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