Chaba crushes Korea’s Coasts

Like every country Korea has a secret (second) national capital: the wonderful port city of Busan. However, during the typhoon season the beautiful sea-side turns into a wild and violent beast. Heavy rains, powerful storms and raving floods battered the city harshly. Transport, schools, factories and Busan’s main port had to shut down. Also the industrial city of Ulsan – where Hyundai Motor’s has its main production facilities – was not spared; here too, the factory’s car plants had to close down or remain offline. Other costal cities like Yeosu, Jeju also suffered from Chaba, but luckily, Korea is well-prepared for typhoon season and so the damages are held to a minimum. Nevertheless, Chaba has yet cost six people their lives while four are missing.

A typhoon’s devastating force is never to underestimate as you can see in this video from public surveillance cameras and mobile-phone footage.

Read more: BBC Report on Chaba


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