Day 3, Snow Prince by SS501

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The fun thing about this calendar is, you just never know what comes next. Today is old-school day! There are many young K-pop fans out there, to whom the broad variety of idol bands, high quality music videos, flashy outfits and difficult dance steps are normality and who are spoiled to their bias idols having major international success. Of course to old and young fans this is a great achievement K-pop has fought for, but also young fans should never forget how much the “older generation” (and often less-known) of idols and fans have paved this way to success. Therefore I really wanted an old-school Christmas song on this year’s list.

To me, watching Snow Prince in 2016 is a bit hilarious, not because of the music video quality or the song itself, but because of the hair style and clothing. Gosh, it really reminds my of old times and I see DBSK or Super Junior dancing fiercly in the same boxy outfits in front of my inner eye. Of course K-pop idols represent the fashion trends of a certain era, but I do believe K-pop has come a long way concerning stage outfits – thank God! Strictly speaking, Snow Prince by the boy band SS501 is only 50% old-school; released in 2005, it marks somehow the middle of the current K-pop time-line, but also the kickoff of K-pop going international or rather, beyond Asia.

To those who are not familiar with SS501, just some brief facts here: SS501 (pronounced: Double-S 501) debuted in 2005 under DSP Media with the track Warning. All five original members (Hyunjoong, Youngsaeng, Kyujong, Jungmin and Hyungjun) are still part of the group, even though two are serving their compulsory military duties. U R Man is maybe the most known song of SS501 as it appeared on the famous  K-drama Boys Over Flowers, which also starred band member Hyunjoong. By-the-way, SS501 name stands for “Superstar Singer” and the numbers for the five band members being one foreve. We all know K-pop band names are, let’s say, special. Snow Prince was actually quite a success for the band even though it was just their second mini-album. It also received two music program awards on M! Countdown – different standards back then!

Let’s not beat around the bush, Snow Prince is a little cheesy and spreads a very classic cutely smiling boy band image. The dance and melody are chintzy (in a good old-school manner) and the swelling chorus is a characteristic feature of light K-pop songs of that time. Also the music video plot isn’t creative or underlaid with a hidden deep meaning which we can find in newer K-pop music videos. The boys of SS501 are at an audition and perform Snow Prince and, of course, wow the female judges with their flashy performance and succeed in the end. The lyrics of Snow Prince are simple “show me your heart” – that’s the motto. The narrator describes his innocent love to a girl and want to confess to her in the hope she feels the same. Overcoming his nerves, he is determined to show his feelings with this song, saying he’ll be her prince forever. It’s as easy as that. Some things in K-pop just never change.

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