Day 6, After Winter by Koyote (feat. Kal Sowon)

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December, 6 is Saint Nicolas Day in Germany and special for children as they get sweets and chocolate if they’ve been good throughout the year. So in a way Germans have two types of Santa. I thought After Winter by the trio Koyote would fit this day perfectly as it also features a child’s voice. Child actress Kal Sowon sings the intro and outro of After Winter with her innocent, but slightly off-key vocals. However, the effect does not miss its point, her appearance puts a grin on your face seeing her adorable tooth gap and joyful nature. Kal Sowon has appeared it Korean hit movies like Miracle in Cell No. 7, but also in K-dramas. Koyote, on the other hand, are well-known to the industry since 1999, even though the line-up has changed many times. Female vocalist Shin Ji is the only original member left, but Kim Jong Min and Bbaek Ga have diligently formed Koyote‘s image for many years. Their characteristic (Euro)dance, pop beats are also heavily featured in After Winter  which was released in 2013.

The music video is happy and fun, although nothing really fun happens. The setting is simple and without much ado. Koyote and Kal Sowon have individual shots of their recordings put into the MV, but we also get a very small glimpse on them interacting in the studio. So far, only Epic High have wowed us with their deep lyrics on Day 1, It’s Cold, and this won’t change as you can’t expect much from a very classic pop song. Only Bbaek Ga‘s rap part gives the track some edge, but in the end it’s just a happy tune for children’s Saint Nicolas Day.

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