Day 8, Be My Merry Christmas by Taecyeon

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If you have read the post Why Koreans Take WHAM Seriously, you know one thing for sure: Christmas is Korea’s second Valentines Day. Asking someone out on Christmas Day is a clear confession to wanting to date someone. 2PM boy band member Ok Taecyeon took a humorous take on this trend in his holiday song Be My Merry Christmas. The narrator sees couples wandering around before Christmas and suddenly picks up his courage to ask his crush out on Christmas. He contacts her via messenger, but she keeps silent after he asked her the core question. Taecyeon voices both characters in this conversation: himself and his girl in small intermezzo parts in between the actual song. Otherwise he freshly sings and raps in an a capella-like style. Be My Merry Christmas is part of Taecyeon‘s 2015 special Christmas event “Ok-Cat’s Lonely Christmas Event” which he organises every year for his fans. That is why the track is only so short and without an accompanying music video, however, it is self composed as Taecyeon is one of the few idols writing numerous lyrics himself which are also released. It’s the quality, not the quantity that counts!

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