Day 10, December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale) by EXO

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Let’s continue with some soft tunes. EXO annually contributes to the K-pop Christmas playlist almost since their debut. 2014, however, their track seemed a little forced and not well planned. The explanation is easy: it was not a good year for EXO. Even though they still managed to be on top of music charts and on awardshows, they struggled hard because their musical achievment reflected the groups’ internal damage. Two band member quit the group, one during their promotions for their new album and first concert tour EXOPLANET #1 – The Lost Planet. As a result their was no repackaged album version and the energy was put into a brilliant live performance at their concerts, rather than additional music contributions. Also the promotions for EXO‘s winter single December, 2014 (The Winters Tale) was heavily reduced and the focus was rather put on EXO’s concert album release.

Still, whatever EXO does, it turns into gold, even though this one doesn’t shine as bright. December, 2014 does not feature all EXO members and their is no accomanying music video. As the year before only the main vocalists of EXO sing the soothing ballad, however, in Christmas Day and Miracles in December, the other band members at least participated in some way. In the music show video above you can see EXO‘s D.O, Chen and Baekhyun performing on their own, but – let’s be honest – they don’t really need the other members when it comes to heartfelt, soft tunes. EXO‘s ballad lyrics are often deep and can be interpreted in many ways; I chose a less romantic interpretation. Lines like “After time passes and seasons pass, I hope we won’t change” or “After going around the earth a few times, I met you again, Only you held me so warmly” contribute to December, 2014 being a thank-you-gift to fans who still supported EXO during their difficult year. As many other Christmas songs, the winter stands for a dark, sad and dead season in which warmth and light is brought to by friendship, love and family.

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