Day 16, This Christmas by Roy Kim & Lee Moon Sae (feat. Hanhae)

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Sometimes there is no need for an extravagant music video, but it just has to be cute and fun. Veteran singer Lee Moon Sae, Roy Kim and rapper Hanhae focused on their song rather than their video and it’s still unique. This Christmas take us on a trip through Seoul while our tour guide is a little Christmas deco doll. The song is happy,  sweet and talks about being really in love with someone This Christmas (nothing too mew on that topic).

It’s a simple but cute MV where you can follow the little robot in his drive down the streets of Seoul. This Christmas is part of Lee Moon Sae’s 2015 winter album New Direction 15. Roy Kim won Mnet Superstar K4 singing competition and ever since took the path of a singer. His debut album Love Love Love was quite popular in 2013, and Roy Kim won awards to honor his work. Ballad singer Lee Moon Sae entered the music industry in the early 80s and every now and then releases new albums until today. His representative song is often named as The Farewell Story, although he has many other hits. Young Brand New Music rapper Hanhae is a member of the hip hop trio Phantom and is often featured as a rapper on albums of major K-pop idols (such as Hyuna, APink, Lady Jane or VIXX‘s Ravi). Hanhae also appeared on Korean TV shows Show Me The Money and Hip Hop Nation.

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