Day 18, When Winter Comes by Urban Zakapa

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Here comes a most talented vocal trio, it’s Urban Zakapa. Being friends since their teens singers Kwon Sun Il, Jo Hyuna and Park Yong In are rocking the indie scene with their acoustic jazz and R&B style since 2009. Park Yong In motivated the other two to join him in a band and in their first three years, Urban Zakapa counted four vocalists and five instrumentalists. Nowadays, the three friends write, compose and produce their own music officially as a trio. Their distinctive style and powerful voices are very remarkable live, but even more is Urban Zakapa‘s group chemistry. Knowing each other and connected by their passion for music for such a long time, pays off in the end and makes Urban Zakapa‘s music so expressive and emotional. Urban Zakapa unique name is an abbreviation for Urban+ Zappy+ Kaleidoscopic+ Passionate.

Urban Zakapa‘s vocals fit perfectly for a slow-tempo winter ballad and that’s why I chose When Winter Comes for a relaxing Sunday. The black-and-white video is of a very simple composition and beauty, and only focuses on the three vocalists. The trio perform their song in a room with Jo Hyuna playing the piano and further instrumentalists. Only when the snow falls – and When Winter Comes – the video slowly changes in to cold, blue colors. The lyrics are about a break-up and the metaphoric cold air which slowly brings a winter-like feeling to the narrators heart.

Note: Kwon Sun Il was a SM Entertainment trainee together with Super Junior and TVXQ, but rejected to sign a further contract. Maybe he would’ve had Super Junior Kyuhyun’s spot?

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