Day 19, Merry Christmas in Advance by IU (feat. Thunder)

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It’s the last Monday before Christmas and who’d fit better to sound the bell for the last round of the Christmas K-pop Calendar than IU. IU is one of the most successful and beloved soloist female singers of Korea, also nicknamed “the nation’s (Korea’s) little sister”. Staring her career at the tender age of 15 she found her way to mainstream and nationwide success in 2010 with her album Real. Having always being ambitious to become a singer, IU joined her forces to become one of the best-selling solo artists in the industry and a strong competitor against the dominating idol bands. Although IU started off with a sweet girl-next-door image, she slowly involves into a more mature image also by picking up writing and producing her own album. Although she has a rather deep speaking voice, her vocal ability reaches to sing three octaves which gained her lots of respect.

Of course IU’s vocals fit the holidays season thus contributing a catchy and poppy carol. Above is the audio track of Merry Christmas in Advance which originally features rap parts by former MBLAQ member Thunder (who has just released his first solo track since). Both IU and Thunder have shown close friendship on TV before and therefore fans were excited to hear them performing this christmasy love song. Sadly, Merry Christmas in Advance does not come with a music video. Hence I posted a live version below. There are only very few live clips as it was not ment to be performed for broadcast. Only on request IU sung Merry Christmas in Advance by herself on TV: a cheerful and bubbly stage on M! Countdown‘s Christmas edition and a big band version (which I chose). It’s a pity that in none Thunder takes part which somehow misses the point of producing a duet to me.

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