Day 20, SsSs by Dynamic Duo & Lena Park

Hier gehts zum deutschen Text

Let’s have ourself a funny little Christmas tune. Lena Park again finds herself in a collaboration and performing a cheerful song. This time hip hop double pack Dynamic Duo teamed up with she soloist for an end-of-the-year single SsSs (Sing Sung Saeng Sung). Being friends since their childhood Dynamic Duo Gaeko and Choiza have been in the industry since 1999, providing laid back raps and smooth hip hop ever since. Lena Park’s bright voice goes well with Dynamic Duo‘s mainly beat in SsSs. SsSs dares you to move your body in a subtle sultry way and shouldn’t be missed on any Christmas party to build up some chemistry on the dance floor. The chemistry between Dynamic Duo and Lena Park are also undeniable and the trio guarantee a groove effect with their powerful vocals.

There is also a special video for SsSs showing Dynamic Duo and Lena Park on set. However, it’s rather a sneak peek than an actual music video which is a pity. Still, seeing the trio behind the scenes for some moment is a treat.

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