Day 21, Winter Story by LABOUM

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We hadn’t had too many cutesy Christmas songs this year yet, so I believe we are in urgent need for Winter Story by girly girl band LABOUM. Being only in the industry for two years, LABOUM still strongly hold their aegyo and innocent image which goes well with Winter Story‘s MV. The girls wear fairy-like dance outfits and dreamy stage close which make them seem as if popped out of a fairytale or Wonderland. The lyrics, too, underline the over all concept as LABOUM sing about a magical love. Violins give the Winter Story a very cute, romantic touch and the girls fit perfectly in this cupcake-sweet song and MV. Even though one would fear another ballad due to the adorable concept, Winter Story has an up-beat tune and is therefore a typical bright and mainstream K-pop song with a wintry theme. However, the dance and song of Winter Story are not as catch as they could be, and rather safe. Rather than being a solely winter MV there is a strong autumn feel to it which isn’t a bad thing though as it bridles the cuteness overflow. The girl’s voices are pretty, but not overwhelming, however, there are some really high parts which seem to be no problem for LABOUM.

I read some critiques on the rap part and had to listen to the song again, because I couldn’t remember a rap being in Winter Story. Of course there is one in the middle of the song which again wouldn’t have been necessary; it’s not completely out-of-place, but a little awkwardly placed or rather poorly performed. The song’s flow is, however, not disturbed, but as Winter Story isn’t a chart breaker that wouldn’t really matter anyway. In all, Winter Story is a lovely watch and nice to listen to among many other major K-pop Christmas hits.

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