Day 22, Christmas Day by BTS’ Jimin & Jungkook

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Sometimes a cover isn’t a bad thing – especially not if BTS set their hands on it. With Christmas being only three days ahead Christmas Day spreads a smile on your face – even if sadly not the whole line-up of BTS perform the song. It’s only BTS‘ maknae-line Jimin and Jungkook who cheer us up in the hustle and bustle before the holidays, but as the two of them have so soothing voices, one can almost neglect the other missing harsh and husky vocals and deep, charismatic raps which are typical for BTS. The duo Koreanized Justin Bieber‘s song Mistletoe, adding Jimin‘s self-written Korean lyrics to the melody, giving Christmas Day the necessary BTS flair. Christmas Day was released in December 2014 on BTS‘ official YouTube channel, but without any video or background picture, it’s just the plane audio one can listen to. Funny enough, Christmas Day does not need an accompanying music video (even though it would’ve been great) because Jimin‘s high range and Jungkook‘s smooth and soft voice are enough to enjoy this sweet and light serenade (even if you’re not a fan).

2015 and 2016 have definitely been the years for the boys of BTS (read as: Bangtan Sonyeon Dan). Their hard work has been rewarded by winning major prices at different end-of-the-year award shows, especially meaningful was their win on MAMA 2016. Aside on acknowledging BTS being a breath of fresh air in the K-pop industry, it has to be said that BTS is also a little over-hyped by fans. However, their agency BigHit Entertainment and the guys themselves have done a good job on establishing their name in the industry, and that is the actual major achievement one has to applaud them for – and worth the BTS hype. Among the many K-pop agencies and idol bands, only very few ever manage to be noticed on a larger scale. Same as in the Korean economy, the K-pop industry is dominated by a handful of influental agencies: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment – leaving all other medium-sized agencies far behind. There is almost no room for small-scale agencies (such as Big Hit Entertainment) and their acts to reach the top. The idols of the Top 3 have a guarantee for huge success, and being part of these agencies is a dream-come-true for any trainee. BTS and Big Hit have still managed to find a way to the top and cut out some of the best and successful idols. Thus, hopes rise for a shift in the industry for more equality and freedom. However, until that day (which will take a while) we’ll lean back and cheer for BTS to rebel against establishment.

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