Day 24, Jingle Bells by The Barberettes

Hier gehts zum deutschen Text

Christmas Eve is here and Santa is coming to town tonight in Germany! It’s the last day on the K-pop Christmas Calendar in 2016 and thank you all for staying tuned till the end. Tonight is going to be a festive eve and I hope you all celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tomorrow in the happy way you do in your country. The Christmas Calendar says goodbye swinging with a really jolly and bouncy version of the carol classic Jingle Bells. However, this is not any version of Jingle Bells, it’s the three charming ladies of the time slip group The Barberettes who reproduce the sounds of the 50s and 60s in their music.The Barberettes started off as singing for fun, but quickly found an audience in Hongdae – the artistic district of Seoul. The girls describe their music style as “Korean doo-wop done in the 21st century”. As in Jingle Bells they have an a capella style, usually sing with one micro and jazz up their singing with instrumental gimmicks. The Barberettes have worked as backup vocalists for many idols such as BoA, Brown Eyed Girls, Lena Park, Fly to the Sky or Dynamic Duo. Their Christmas album The Barberettes Carol: Hun Hun Christmas from which Jingle Bells is taken from features other fun carols with the swinging vibes of The Barberettes. Jingle Bells is a fun mixture of East meets West, funky and festive tunes and the video matches perfectly the Christmas mood. This being said, have a Merry Christmas!

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