Playlist: Kpop Christmas Calendar 2016

Merry Christmas to y’all! I hope you have wonderful holidays and a good time with whom ever you’re spending the days with. Thank you for sticking to this year’s Calendar – I really appreciate it. For all who want to listen to the tracks peacefully, find the playlist here and also last year’s songs on my YT channel. I’ll link all detailed post of this year’s 24 Kpop songs below (if you want to short-link).

Day 1, It’s Cold by Epik High (feat. Lee Hi 이하이)

Day 2, Snowy Day by NS Yoon-G (feat. DinDin)

Day 3, Snow Prince by SS501

Day 4, Thank U For by XIA

Day 5, Love Wishes by Starship Planet

Day 6, After Winter by Koyote (feat. Kal Sowon)

Day 7, As You Told Me by Kim Na Young

Day 8, Be My Merry Christmas by Taecyeon

Day 9, Heat It Up by Brand New Music Artists

Day 10, December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale) by EXO

Day 11, Baby It’s Cold Outside by Sung Si Kyung & Ailee

Day 12, Snow Again by Jung Dong Ha

Day 13, Surprise Party by AlphaBat

Day 14, White Winter by Kim Bum Soo & Lena Park

Day 15, Memory by Mamamoo

Day 16, This Christmas by Roy Kim & Lee Moon Sae (feat. Hanhae)

Day 17, Shooting Star by Star Empire Artists

Day 18, When Winter Comes by Urban Zakapa

Day 19, Merry Christmas in Advance by IU (feat. Thunder)

Day 20, SsSs by Dynamic Duo & Lena Park

Day 21, Winter Story by LABOUM

Day 22, Christmas Day by BTS’ Jimin & Jungkook

Day 23, Christmas For All by Jellyfish Artists

Day 24, Jingle Bells by The Barberettes


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