8 Chicken Comics for a fun New Year

So, today is a big holiday in Korea and in many other Asian countries: it’s Seollal or Lunar Year – internationally better know as Chinese New Year. The use of the lunar calendar – which is based on the cycle of the moon phases instead of the solar based Gregorian calendar – is widely used throughout Asia (south, west and east!) and plays a large role for festivals and holidays. Korea doesn’t sport many public holidays, but Seollal is definitely in the top 2 with three whole days off work to visit family and celebrate. A well-known feature of the lunar calendar are the 12 recurring animals of the Chinese zodiac. This years’ new zodiac is the rooster (닭띠) and I found these fun illustrations on Korea Tourism Organization’s Facebook page. It shows a play-on-words with the Korean verb ending -다 /da/ and -닭 /dak/ which means chicken, creating fun comics on this year’s new zodiac.

I guess I’m a 야근이닭 /ya-geun-i-dak/ because I’m really bad at working in the mornings (or getting up), but can stay up for hours late at night. Which chicken are you?


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