K-Pop Fandoms Unite for BTS Comeback

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Nowadays we have to stand together more to overcome differences and build bridges for better understanding and community. To my surprise, K-pop fandoms are showing this side at BTS’ latest comeback. At midnight BTS dropped their new single #SpringDay and it immediately hit the charts and swept to success. Spring Day managed an all-kill on Korean charts (at the top of all Korean music charts), crushed Melon, swept straight into worldwide iTunes and the Top 10 US iTunes (as the first K-pop band) and successfully made the MV count on YouTube stuck several times within one day (Read more on Korean Herald and Soompi). ARMY is trying hard now to gain their boys 10 million clicks in 24 hours. The count has gone up by 2 Million in the last hours. Just a couple of minutes left and we see the results.

Several other K-pop fandoms are helping BTS‘ fandom ARMY out to achieve this success, such as Seventeen‘s Carat, EXO‘s EXO-L or Black Pink‘s (unofficial) BLINK. The rooting for the K-pop under-dog BTS is going on until one day, BTS will not be considered part of this category anymore.

To me this cross-fandom support is quite rare to see as in my early K-pop days, loyalties were clearly settled. Seeing fandoms unite makes me hope for better times not only in K-pop, but beyond, and also a little sentimental.

Keep on streaming Spring Day 🙂

[Update 1]

ARMY and BTS didn’t quite manage 10 million views in 24 hours, about 500 000 views are still missing, what a shame, but nevertheless the success is big to be proud of.

[Update 2]

BTS beats their own record and gains new record! BTS broke their own record for Blood, Sweat & Tears in 2016 of 6,347,505 views in first 24 hours with Spring Day! Read on Soompi: BTS shatters own record.


But that’s not all: Only two hours later Spring Day wrote new history by being the fastest K-pop music video to achieve 10 million views, beating out Twice‘s TT (10 million views in 40:31h). At around 2:40 a.m. KST, after 26:40h the view count read 10,219,692 views. Read more Soompi: BTS Spring Day MV hits 10 million. This is DAEBAK! 😮 The boys must be freaking out and crying of happiness. I’m proud to watch a new K-pop generation rise.

[Update 3]

BTS has set another record with Spring Day: on February 16 the official MV reached +20,000,000 views which made it the fastest K-pop video to gain this number within 87 hours (or 3 days, 15 hours, and 50 minutes) from its release. This is getting crazy and kind of out of control…
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