My First K-pop Reaction Video

[Note: the video is in German, but I’m kind of used to write everything in English… . Don’t ask why, I just feel more comfortable. I’ll see if I’ll add subtitles :)]

I’m sorry for being such a K-pop and BTS spammer at the moment. It’s just, as an old-school k-popper I never had the chance to actually hype through a comeback or watch videos in real time!! I sound so old and like a digital Neanderthal right now, but Super Junior, MBLAQ, Shinhwa or SHINee never had the possibilities or chances of SNS and live stream as it becomes more and more normal or standard at the moment. Throughout the live V Naver broadcast of BTS’ Spring Day comeback it was like a new world opened up, haha 😀 (felt like Columbus). I’m also used to watch subtitled videos months or years after broadcast and only since a few months Germans have free access to most YouTube videos. Most were blocked (including almost all original K-pop videos) due to licence and copyright issues. I solemnly swear to take up more general Korea content soon.

P.S. Although I was familiar with BTS since their debut, I only worked up the energy to get into them because of my friend who you can see in the video. Thanks for being stubborn! I just had other priorities at that time (like writing a master thesis on K-pop 😉 ).


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