Lotte World Tower Scrapes The Sky

Mehr Infos auf Deutsch: hier

It’s finally done – Lotte World Tower in Jamsil (southeast of Seoul) shines bright as Seoul’s newly opened land mark! Back in 2014 when I visited Korea, the skeleton of Lotte World Tower was already built – only some stories missing – and last year, it almost seemed Lotte World Tower only missed out details. On Monday (April, 3) Lotte World Tower was presented as the world’s 5th highest building and Korea’s highest skyscraper (leaving Incheon’s Northeast Asia Trade Tower and Buran’s residential tower Haeundae Doosan Zenith Tower A now behind) to the public with a bombastic firework. And boy, was that a fire work! Articles say about 30,000 fireworks were lit for the opening ceremony and pyrotechnics worked for days to compose this fantastic sight.


Lotte World Tower is 555 meters high, counts 123 stories and took six years for construction. If you’re in Seoul and like running, you could actually take part in the Lotte Sky Run on April, 23 in which participants climb up to the observation deck on the top story and win a prize. For those not to keen on running up 2,917 stairs can take the world’s fastest elevator and reach the top in no time. Watch the video below to see what awaits you! It’s just daebak, so modern and so Korea. If you enjoyed Namsan Tower‘s elevator show this will be even more spectacular. Do you see the story and meter count on the display? It just goes up so fast. By-the-way, the screen show back down is also worth it.

If this ride too fast for your taste, then drop out on the 85th floor for a swim in the world’s highest swimming pool; or peek into the concert hall, aquarium, cinema or food hall – there just so much to do. And if you can’t get enough, just rent an office space or residence or stay over night in the seven-star hotel (I better not tell you the prices for these three options).

If you’re like me and don’t have a goose that lays golden eggs, I’d recommend to drop by to take a selfie and then hang out in Lotte World – a big indoor and outdoor theme park next to Lotte World Tower. Also strolling around the lake of Magical Island – especially now in the cherry blossom season – is relaxing. I remember eating my first Bingsu (shaved ice cream) there 🙂

Lotte Corp. is South Korea’s eighth largest conglomerate. Although many falsely believe it’s a Korean business, it’s actually Japanese. Lotte founder was a German Language student and apparently a fan of Goethe. He adopted the name of one of Goethe’s female character, Charlotte, and used the German short form “Lotte” to name his company.  As beautiful the Lotte World Tower opening was, keep in mind the economic interest of Lotte Corp. which have their 50th anniversary this year.

More detail in English: here


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