“Man to Man” First K-drama on Netflix

Get your screens ready guys, tomorrow JTBC’s new drama Man To Man will kick off at 11 p.m. KST. Why am I telling you this as you don’t live in Korea? IT WILL BE ALSO BROADCASTED VIA NETFLIX!  It’s a first time! Yes, Netflix obtained the exclusive televising rights and this means it will be available in 190 foreign Netflix-countries. Man to Man will be released in two 8-episode installments in the U.S., but also comes with subtitles in other languages.

Main leads will be:            

Park Hae-Jin-p02.jpg

Park Haejin

Park Sungwoong

Kim Min-Jung-p3.jpg

Kim Minjung







Chae Jung-Ahn-p2.jpg

Chae Junga

Yeon Jeong-Hun-p2.jpg

Yeon Junghoon

Descendants of the Sun star Sung Joongki has a Cameo

So what’s the plot? In short: actor Yeo Woongwang decides he is in need for a bodyguard after managing without for years. He hires Kim Seolwoon, a trained agent, who is a mysterious all-rounder. Man to Man tackles celebrities’ “ghost” bodyguards and events connected to them and their protégé! Look forward to some action, (b)romance and Korean comedy.


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