Korea’s Newest Beauty Trend: Wire Nails

I found these short articles on Koreaboo, AsiaOne and Cosmopolitan Germany on Korea’s newest nail trend and it kept me wondering. So it seems like “wire nails” or “metal nails” are becoming more and more a thing in Korean manicure studios. Inspiring nail artist Park Eunkyung is referred to as the source of new chic as she has kicked off other nail art trends before. She uses malleable wire in gold, silver, pink or black to form them onto the nail. Though the designs look pretty and dainty, I can’t help but doubt the practicability of some (see picture at the end of this post). Or maybe it’s just me who works on a daily basis or does unusual house chores like washing the dishes, cooking or laundry. And do wire nails go well with magnetic material? Just being curious! Well, you know, sometimes beauty overweighs practicability.

For those folks living in Korea: please go on research on this trend for me! 🙂 Pictures highly welcomed! And those wanting to try out wire nails, but don’t want to spend money for a trip to Korea, can follow these easy steps and try themselves (pictures also welcomed).

  1. Get some thin easy malleable wire.
  2. Paint on a base coat in the color or design of your choice.
  3. Cut and tweeze the wire into your desired form.
  4. Carefully stick them on to your nail.
  5. Add one to two top coats of clear nail polish and let them fully dry.
  6. You could add another colored coat if you want to.

Have fun!





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