Playlist: Spooky Halloween Kpop Songs

If you thought Kpop is all jolly tunes, lovey-dovey music videos and fluffy pastel idols the Halloween season will prove you very wrong! There is quite an amount of dark tracks, mysterious visuals and gory settings out there. Hidden in the deep shadows of Kpop, you’ll find eerie characters like witches, zombies, werewolves, voodoo masters, vampires or ghosts – just to name a few. The audio-visual degree of spookiness is as diverse: playful, harsh, deep to disturbing.

I tried to find a nic— I mean, horrifying mixture for this Halloween playlist to fit anyone’s taste. Some tracks are listed because their title obviously hints the Halloween theme (s.a. BIGBANG’s „Monster“, Grace’s „Trick or Treat“ or BtoB’s „Thriller“). Some music videos only have minor fitting elements (s.a. Twice’s „Like OOH-AHH“, 4Minute’s „What’s Your Name?“ or ZE:A’s „The Ghost of Wind“), others are a bloody mess (s.a. Cross Gene’s „Black or White“, Vixx’s „Voodoo Doll“, SHINee’s „Married to the Music“). Some need no gore to give you the creeps (s.a. Sunny Hill’s „Pray“, Xia’s „Flower“, Cho Hyung Woo’s „Someone I Know“), and then there are those which fit the overall mysterious mood (s.a. NCT U’s „The 7th Sense“, BTS’ „Blood Sweat & Tears“ or Gain’s „Paradise Lost“). Enjoy!

View the full list below.

  1. Voodoo Doll by VIXX
  2. Black or White by Cross Gene
  3. Trick or Treat by Grace
  4. Obliviate by BIGFLO
  5. Jackpot by Block B
  6. Bad by Queen B’Z
  7. Opera [Japanese Version] by Super Junior
  8. Red Light by f(x)
  9. Bad by Infinite
  10. Monster by EXO
  11. Tarantallegra by Xia (Junsu)
  12. Shadow by BEAST
  13. Monster by BIGBANG
  14. Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
  15. The 7th Sense by NCT U
  16. Pray by Sunny Hill
  17. Flower by XIA (Junsu)
  18. Paradise Lost by Gain
  19. Anti by Zico
  20. It Hurts by 2NE1
  21. Black Swan by Rainbow
  22. Zombie Party by SPEED
  23. Bounce by Boyfriend
  24. Thriller by BtoB
  25. Beat by 100%
  26. Psycho by History
  27. Like OOH AAH by Twice
  28. Lovey Dovey by T-ara
  29. What’s Your Name? by 4Minute
  30. The Ghost of Wind by ZE:A
  31. Married to the Music by SHINee
  32. Someone I Know by Cho Hyung Woo
  33. Full Moon by Sunmi
  34. TT by Twice
  35. V by Lee Jung Hyun
  36. Midnight Circus by Sunny Hill
  37. Hyde by Vixx
  38. Wolf by EXO
  39. Chase Me by Dreamcatcher
  40. Good Night by Dreamcatcher
  41. Mine by Kim Jaejoong
  42. Zombie High by Grace
  43. Volume Up by 4Minute
  44. Witch by Boyfriend

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