Have A Bite of Ruby Pink KitKat

Japan (and South Korea) is known for unique types of KitKat, and if you haven’t had the chance to come across one, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN WAITING FOR?!? I mean, c’mon: sake flavor, green tea, strawberry, pumpkin, sweet potato, red bean or wasabi KitKat (just naming a very few), would you really want to miss out on that?! Or ever heared of those KitKats you can bake in the microwave? FLAVORGASM, istg! And now, living in a country with only one or two standard KitKats (basically everywhere outside East Asia) will become even duller.

KitKat provider Nestlé is launching a new flavor in Japan and Korea today: „KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby“. It’s made of Ruby chocolate, which has an all-natural pink color. Ruby chocolate was discovered by the Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut and is made using special Ruby cocoa beans. No berries or flavor nor color were added to the new KitKat, and therefore the pink Ruby KitKat is the second natural colored KitKat from Nestlé, since they introduced white chocolate.

ruby chocolate
Bright pink „Ruby“ cocoa beans. Source: CNN Money.

Nestlé and Japan take their KitKat seriously, which led into the vast variety of over 300 KitKat flavors! The little chocolate bars are shipped into neighboring countries like China, South Korea, Hongkong or Singapore, and is rising in popularity among Koreans which has led to the very first KitKat store in Seol in 2017. It’s located in the Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam.

Ruby KitKat will be exclusively available in stores in Japan and SK from today onwards (January, 19 2018) and online in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France and Switzerland. I’d say grab a bite if you can!

Sources: Korean Herald, CNN Money


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