Playlist: Year of the Dog-Themed Kpop Songs

Billboard presented a short list of dog-themed Kpop songs fitting for 2018’s Lunar Year. As you may know, it’s the holidays of Chinese New Year or Seollal in East Asia, ringing in the year of the zodiac animal Dog. I liked Billboards attempt, so I added to missing songs and, as there aren’t many dog-themed Kpop songs out there, I broadad the playlist with four wolf-themed songs. Because, you know, wolves and dogs are related. The mixtures is quite interesting. Idealy, the word „dog (개 /gae/)“ or „wolf (늑대 /neug-dae/)“ (Korean or English) should be mentioned in the title. Those which don’t, still have an explicit dog or wolf-themed metaphor in the lyrics. In the case of Roy Kim: he wrote the caring lyrics of his own pet Sancho’s perspective. Enjoy!

  1. Love is a Dog from Hell (사랑은 지옥에서 온 개)“ by Mad Clown (feat. Suran)
  2. Pet“ by 10cm
  3. Home“ by Roy Kim
  4. Awoo“ by Lim Kim
  5. Bullshit (개소리)“ by G-Dragon
  6. I’m Him (걔 세)“ by Winner (Mino Solo)
  7. Grrr (총량의 법칙)“ by Stray Kids
  8. Woof, Woof“ by SHINee
  9. Puppy“ by FT Island
  10. Good Boy“ by Baek Ji Young
  11. Wolf (늑대와 미녀)“ by EXO
  12. Wolf Baby“ by TRCNG
  13. Growl (으르렁)“ by EXO
  14. Wolf is Stupid (늑대들은 몰라요)“ by TINT


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