Up-grade Your Romance With Some Korean Slang

Before Valentine’s Day is over, I’d suggest to check out these 8 Romantic Korean Phrases for Valentine’s Day. The descriptions and images are cute and I guess you’ll grasp the meaning of the words quickly. If you are a little into Korean language I bet this will trigger your curiosity even more and make you look smart by dropping these slang words into your conversations: mil-dang, sseom ta-da, mo-tae solo, sing-koong-ha-da, poom-jeol-nyeo / poom-jeol-nam, bol-mae, hoon-nyeo / hoon-nam and dol-sing-nyeo / dol-sing-nam.


Off to Korea! – How to survive a 10 hour flight

To sit in a plane for several hours can be very tiring and uncomfortable. That is way it is good to prepare beforehand and keep some tips in mind. My Korean friend Minji was joining me on the flight which made things for me easier, but also sometimes a little difficult. The flight from Germany to Korea took about 10 hours – most of the time you just fly over Russia – and depending on the airline they offer you already sufficient entertainment. Continue reading