ICYMI: SHINee vs First Lady

So ICYMI, this video has been up and down SNS last week: SHINee‘s Minho upstaging the U.S-First Lady. First mostly shared among the K-pop community, it quickly spread and caught the attention of many news stations worldwide (e.g. BBC, Washington Post, Tagesanzeiger). During her visit in South Korea, the First Lady attended a government-sponsored sportif event to promote the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in Korea’s Pyeongchang. Continue reading


Korea’s Newest Beauty Trend: Wire Nails

I found these short articles on Koreaboo, AsiaOne and Cosmopolitan Germany on Korea’s newest nail trend and it kept me wondering. So it seems like “wire nails” or “metal nails” are becoming more and more a thing in Korean manicure studios. Inspiring nail artist Park Eunkyung is referred to as the source of new chic as she has kicked off other nail art trends before. She uses malleable wire in gold, silver, pink or black to form them onto the nail. Though the designs look pretty and dainty, I can’t help but doubt the practicability of some (see picture at the end of this post). Or maybe it’s just me who works on a daily basis or does unusual house chores like washing the dishes, cooking or laundry. And do wire nails go well with magnetic material? Just being curious! Well, you know, sometimes beauty overweighs practicability.
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Lotte World Tower Scrapes The Sky

It’s finally done – Lotte World Tower in Jamsil (southeast of Seoul) shines bright as Seoul’s newly opened land mark! Back in 2014 when I visited Korea, the skeleton of Lotte World Tower was already built – only some stories missing – and last year, it almost seemed Lotte World Tower only missed out details. On Monday (April, 3) Lotte World Tower was presented as the world’s 5th highest building and Korea’s highest skyscraper (leaving Incheon’s Northeast Asia Trade Tower and Buran’s residential tower Haeundae Doosan Zenith Tower A now behind) to the public with a bombastic firework. And boy, was that a fire work! Articles say about 30,000 fireworks were lit for the opening ceremony and pyrotechnics worked for days to compose this fantastic sight.


Lotte World Tower is 555 meters high, counts 123 stories and took six years for construction. If you’re in Seoul and Continue reading


8 Chicken Comics for a fun New Year

So, today is a big holiday in Korea and in many other Asian countries: it’s Seollal or Lunar Year – internationally better know as Chinese New Year. The use of the lunar calendar – which is based on the cycle of the moon phases instead of the solar based Gregorian calendar – is widely used throughout Asia (south, west and east!) and plays a large role for festivals and holidays. Korea doesn’t sport many public holidays, but Seollal is definitely in the top 2 with three whole days off work to visit family and celebrate. A well-known feature of the lunar calendar are the 12 recurring animals of the Chinese zodiac. This years’ new zodiac is the rooster (닭띠) and I found Continue reading


Demos gegen Koreas Präsidentin auf Höhepunkt


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Jeder Lichtpunkt ist ein Mensch – Hunderttausende sind in Südkorea am 03. Dezember 2016 gegen Präsidentin Park auf die Straßen gegangen. Schon seit mehreren Wochen protestieren jeden Samstag tausende Koreaner gegen Präsidentin Park Geun-Hye – sowohl in Seoul auf dem Gwanghwamun Platz als auch im Ausland. Sie fordern den Rücktritt von Park nachdem diese schon seit Monaten in eine Korruptionsaffäre verwickelt ist. Trotz eine öffentlichen Entschuldigung Parks, hat sie bisher einen Rücktritt nicht in Erwägung gezogen, weswegen vor allem die Stimmen junger Koreaner laut geworden sind. Sie hoffen, die vor allem durch die ältere Generation gewählte Präsidentin Park endlich absetzen zu können. Park ist die Tochter des früheren 3. Präsidenten Koreas Park Chung-Hee. Offiziell darf dieser in Korea nicht mehr als Diktator bezeichnet werden, obwohl er durch seine Militärdiktatur Südkorea zu einem Industriestaat (Tiger-Staat) und zu Wohlstand gebracht hat.

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Chaba crushes Korea’s Coasts

Like every country Korea has a secret (second) national capital: the wonderful port city of Busan. However, during the typhoon season the beautiful sea-side turns into a wild and violent beast. Heavy rains, powerful storms and raving floods battered the city harshly. Transport, schools, factories and Busan’s main port had to shut down. Also the industrial city of Ulsan – where Hyundai Motor’s has its main production facilities – was not spared; here too, the factory’s car plants had to close down or remain offline. Other costal cities like Yeosu, Jeju also suffered from Chaba, but luckily, Korea is well-prepared for typhoon season and so the damages are held to a minimum. Nevertheless, Chaba has yet cost six people their lives while four are missing.

A typhoon’s devastating force is never to underestimate as you can see in this video from public surveillance cameras and mobile-phone footage.

Read more: BBC Report on Chaba


Happy 4939th Birthday Korea!

The 3rd of October is a meaningful date in Germany as it is German Unification Day. This holiday is mostly important in politics and in media; Germans themselves hardly celebrate the unity of East and West Germany. However, this date is not only of national importance in Germany, but also in Korea. Koreans celebrate Gaecheonjeol (개천절) which is nothing else than National Foundation Day. According to history the first nation state of Korea was founded back around this date in 2333 BC by founder King Dangun (단군왕검 /dangun wanggeom/). He named his kingdom Joseon (nowadays officially known as Gojoseon, meaning ancient Joseon) which was located at the northern part of north Korea in the area of Manchuria (now part of China).
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Korean Beauty in Time

Not sure if I agree with the 2010s – in my experience (judging by the looks of the average Korean girl on the streets) the beauty standards nowadays differs from this video. In a way I prefer the North Korean 2010 beauty – simple, yet beautiful. It is still so sad to see these two Koreas parting more and more day by day, even in subtle and everyday features. What do you think about this video? Do you agree with the development? Do you have proof?

Hoping for the Korean 100 years of beauty – male edition to come 😀


Korea’s Top Models Rock The Fashion World

I just love the clash of tradition and modernity. Recently Vogue Korea published a pictorial collage of really stunning high-fashion pictorials which show a beautiful attempt of giving traditional Korean dressing a modern twist to make them fit for the run way. Besides swooning over these classy pictures and awesome clothes, you could actually check out the models, too. Vogue titles their article “New Korean Faces” and features five current active and successful Korean models. Maybe one day I will have the text translated to you as it is in Korean. Until then, enjoy the pictures (which you also find in the Facebook link below) while I give you a short introduction to the five models in the pictorial. Continue reading