Korea’s Newest Beauty Trend: Wire Nails

I found these short articles on Koreaboo, AsiaOne and Cosmopolitan Germany on Korea’s newest nail trend and it kept me wondering. So it seems like “wire nails” or “metal nails” are becoming more and more a thing in Korean manicure studios. Inspiring nail artist Park Eunkyung is referred to as the source of new chic as she has kicked off other nail art trends before. She uses malleable wire in gold, silver, pink or black to form them onto the nail. Though the designs look pretty and dainty, I can’t help but doubt the practicability of some (see picture at the end of this post). Or maybe it’s just me who works on a daily basis or does unusual house chores like washing the dishes, cooking or laundry. And do wire nails go well with magnetic material? Just being curious! Well, you know, sometimes beauty overweighs practicability.
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Korean Beauty in Time

Not sure if I agree with the 2010s – in my experience (judging by the looks of the average Korean girl on the streets) the beauty standards nowadays differs from this video. In a way I prefer the North Korean 2010 beauty – simple, yet beautiful. It is still so sad to see these two Koreas parting more and more day by day, even in subtle and everyday features. What do you think about this video? Do you agree with the development? Do you have proof?

Hoping for the Korean 100 years of beauty – male edition to come 😀

Weird Korean Beauty Products – Part 1

Beauty and good-looks are important to Korean* which can be observed in various situations. May it be the countless Koreans (girls and guys) admiring themselves in their pocket mirror, correcting their hairstyle in a window screen, checking their make-up on their mobile phones or tidying their clothes in front of the full-body-mirror in the metro – you will always see them fiddling around their looks. But this is just the obvious possibility to watch Korean dolling themselves up. The secret for Koreans’ beauty lies behind the big cosmetic stores. Countless beauty products promote eternal beauty for him and for her. Especially the younger generation feels the pressure of being pretty. The Korean pop and beauty industry promotes perfection and displays the Korean ideal through a squillion of advertisements. It is therefore not surprising that Korea is considered as the kingdom of plastic surgery. Continue reading