UPDATE: New Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo Revealed

Remember the huge controversy about the Japan 2020 Olympic logo? The original logo was said to be a plagiarism and new designs had the chance to be in the run for the official logo. But also some hobby-designers made an attempt and created beautiful logos which I presented to you in this post. Continue reading


If Your Food Makes Faces


Although I myself am not a passionate cook, I like to watch others make food and enjoy seeing their creativity. So I came over this food trend from East Asia which is called character bento or kawaii bento. It’s about adding cute little faces on your food – especially in your lunch box. And it doesn’t really surprise me that this trend supposedly originated in the country of cuteness: Japan! Continue reading


The Dog-Poo-Report-App

Once again I am convinced that Japan comes up with the craziest, yet hilarious ideas on this planet. Of course Japan as well as Korea leave Germany far behind when it comes to technological gadgets and software and I doubt Germany will ever reach the East Asian level on that behalf.

After reading this article on Japanese city launches app to report dog poo I could not help but congratulate the inventive mind of the Japanese people. Just recently I was hanging out with my boyfriend and we saw a dog owner letting his dog poo in the city centre.
Continue reading


Video Clip about Japanese Yakuza

Let’s be honest, it is impossible to explain complex organisations in just a couple of seconds. However, #BBCAsia tried to give short and informative first glance into the Japanese Mafia, Yakuza, in their video clip Who are Japan’s Yakuza? In 60 seconds. Nothing to get too crazy about, but if you hardly have any knowledge about the Yakuza this might come in handy and trigger your interest.

I guess it is useful to know in which business the Yakuza is in nowadays – as many tourists still believe they get caught in the clutches of the Yakuza easily. Many non-East Asian friends of mine often wonder why Korean, Japanese and Chinese society are so strict about and against tattoos. It is the image which comes with the tattoos as only mafia members used to have tattoos – especially large dragon tattoos on the back or heavily full-cover tattoos (e.g. arm-sleeve tattoos) – and therefore a strong stigma is still resting on tattoos.


Origami Cranes, Ninja and Sun Rise for Tokyo

After the controversy about the official logos of the Olympic Games 2020 in Japan’s capital Tokyo, many unofficial Tokyo 2020 logos popped up on the internet.

I kind of liked the ideas and some designs seem even nicer than the controversial one. I prefer the crane origami motif rather than the fan – because it is also typical for many other

Asian countries – or the star-shapend shuriken weapon even though it’s funny. Which one do you prefer or do you want to suggest your own design? Join in #unofficialemblem