Up-grade Your Romance With Some Korean Slang

Before Valentine’s Day is over, I’d suggest to check out these 8 Romantic Korean Phrases for Valentine’s Day. The descriptions and images are cute and I guess you’ll grasp the meaning of the words quickly. If you are a little into Korean language I bet this will trigger your curiosity even more and make you look smart by dropping these slang words into your conversations: mil-dang, sseom ta-da, mo-tae solo, sing-koong-ha-da, poom-jeol-nyeo / poom-jeol-nam, bol-mae, hoon-nyeo / hoon-nam and dol-sing-nyeo / dol-sing-nam.


Restaurant for Singles

This video is up and down on video sites these days and quite a laugh. The principle of this restaurant is simple: be single and get a meal for free. While eating you get the chance to have someone accompanying you – having a meal is seen as a social activity in Korea – however, surprise, the person joining in is actually a total stranger sitting right behind the blend in front of you. Continue reading

Why Koreans take WHAM seriously

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away.

This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special.

If Germans hear Last Christmas by WHAM! in September they know the awful commercial Christmas time is on the way and try to avoid it until Christmas Eve. If Koreans hear the song in September it is the start signal for the most irritating sport ever: grab yourself a lover for Christmas Day.

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The Power of Love: Valentine’s Day in Korea

Hier gehts zum deutschen Text
There is a lot to say about Korean dating, love and couple customs. Coming to Korea it is very amusing to watch Koreans going crazy about three days in particular. One is the well-known 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, and it is a highly commercially successful love related day in Korea. As my teacher told me, actually there is a love designated day every month on the 14th, however, Valentine’s Day, White Day and Black Day are the most known ones. In Germany we do not take Valentine’s Day that serious (different from the USA) and we are not too strict upon it. It is perfectly fine to send Valentine’s gifts or cards to family members or friends and both men and women participate. But in Korea you should not mess around like that. Continue reading