Remembering the Sewol Ferry Tragedy

There is a lot to say, but too little words for the tragedy of the Sewol Ferry back in 2014. If you remember on today’s anniversary the Korean ferry named Sewol capsized on its way to Jeju Island / South Korea. I was in Korea at that time hearing the horrible news from my relatives at home first, and then watching local TV and news feed about the ferry – carrying mostly highschool students from Danwon High – sinking rapidly. Even though the Korean coast guards and fishing boats came to the rescue the 476 passengers and crew, only 172 survived. Most tragic fact: the high school students were told to stay put and wait for rescue on board and in their compartments while the ferry was flooded with water. Worse, the captain and most of the crew members abandoned the sinking ship while leaving the passengers behind – high school students (!!) – being the first to be rescued. The captain even disguised himself as a civilian to get off the ferry quickly. The first call for help wasn’t made by the crew either, but by a student (RIP Choi Dukha) aboard Sewol who sadly didn’t survive the disaster.

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