Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Siwon


Update: Reaction Videos Now With Subs!

A short update on my reaction videos: I finally found the time to add German and English subs on both videos. Yay!! πŸ™‚ So I hope it’s more enjoyable (and comprehensible) now. I’m still sorry the music was so loud on the first one (I love listening to music on high volume) and so it was a struggle to understand us. Now, just switch on the subtitles if you fancy knowing what we’re babbling about. More videos are in the making soon, but we both work full-time, so finding time off is a struggle now and then. And no, new videos are not only going to be on BTS.

1) Reaction Vid on BTS’ “Spring Day”


Watch here: Germans React to BTS (λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨) ‘Spring Day’ (λ΄„λ‚ ) MV

2) Reaction Vid on BTS’ “Not Today”

Watch here: Germans React to BTS (λ°©νƒ„μ†Œλ…„λ‹¨) ‘Not Today’ MV


Happy Birthday to BTS’ Suga

I never had a soft spot for Kpop idol rappers (a few big ones have my respect though), till this grumpy marshmallow crossed my heart. His swag, his unconventionality, his talent, his effortless manliness, his dark nagging voice and his determination just blew me away. His lyrics are meaningful and deep, his beats are sick, his tongue technology out of this world and his mind wonders to all the right places. Sometimes I feel so sorry for him having to take the path as an idol to reach his dreams, for having to act cute or behaving according to social expectations. But then, pioneers always had to struggle to break conventions and open up new paths; and I know he can do so! Yoongi [stage name: Suga], calling you an “idol” is an insult, because you’re so much more, a true artist and genius. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to Shinhwa’s Eric

Me being old-school πŸ˜‰ Happy Birthday to Shinhwa‘s handsome and stern leader Eric. It’s been so long and he never failed as a leader, hyung or role model. He has always led his group to success and down the right path. He is the silent tower of strength of Shinhwa in the background, but somehow is still a child within. Thanks, Eric!


Happy Birthday to Seventeen’s Dino

It’s so fascinating to see a band’s maknae (youngest member) grow right in front of your eyes. #Seventeen’s little giant #Dino (real name: Chan) has turned 18 now (or 19 in Korean age) and he becomes more and more manlier and charismatic every moment. But we all remember him at his debut with sweet 16.



Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Already 10 years have passed since Super Junior’s evil maknae Kyuhyun joined the group. Time flies and he’s more than all grown up now. You’ll always be my first, haha. Come back safe from the army and Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚


Happy Birthday to BTS’ V & Seventeen’s Joshua

A voice like a choir boy vs a voice like a rock star,

The smile of an angel vs the grin of a Cheshire Cat,

LA boy’s slaying English skills vs Daegu guy’s English awkwardness,

Boyish charms vs mainly cheekiness,

Yet, they don’t only share the same birthday, but are equally lovable and handsome.

#HappyBirthday to the vocalists of #Seventeen: #Joshua (or #Jinsu) and of #BTS: #V (or #Taehyung)!


Announcement: K-pop Christmas Calendar is back in 2016

Are you already counting the days till Christmas? Let’s make the time pass faster and more joyful the German way – with a Christmas calendar in December. Just as last year’s K-Pop Christmas Calendar, there’ll be musical treat from the Korean music industry on this blog every day until Christmas is finally here. Whereas last year major K-pop idols and labelmate collabsΒ dominated the tracking list with their catchy dancing winter tunes, this year’s calendar will offer some softer and sweeter vibes performed by Korea’s husky-voiced soloists. Major artists of different musical flavors have come together to perform Christmas carols in duos or group-collabs and demonstrate the powerful variety of Korean music. Stay tuned for the first track starting on December, 1.

Learn more about theΒ German tradition of the Christmas calendar.